Sunday, December 18, 2011

Review of I Zombie I by Jack Walden

I Zombie I.
By Jack Wallen
Four stars.
 Zombies, The end of the world, Nazi plots and crazy scientists make this book a real helter skelter tide. If you like Zombies you’ll love this.
         Jacob, our hero, is a reporter that survives the end of humanity. He is unfortunately bitten by one of the undead and chronicles himself turning into a zombie. All the time desperate to find a cure and falling in love with another, amazingly good looking survivor, Bethany.
         The book is an excellent read, I have some issues; the escape from the underground bunker was, well impossible, Oh look a door to the outside world. Also, I was left wondering how the zombies were at one point ultra intelligent in discovering the bunker and at others like dead meat?
         These minor faults, I can ignore and recommend this excellent read to any horror, zombie terror book fans.
I am looking forward to the sequel.

Jeremy Poole.

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