Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Empire: In Her Name

 Empire: In Her Name
By Michael Hicks
                I read this book whilst cooking, walking to work and lying in bed, it was unputdownable.
                I have to say I was a little doubtful as to the book before I started. I’m not a Sci-fi fan and that’s the point really, this isn’t a sci-fi book. It’s fantasy, sci-fi, action and some romance all in one. It was a whole book for sure, even though it’s the first part of a trilogy.
                The main character of Reza has the worst of all upbringings, parents killed, slavery and abducted by the Kreelans (Alien, blue, female warriors). He then becomes one of them and…
I won’t give away the story. You must read it.
The writing is excellent and the characters are so well written, you really feel for them, and the alien world is anything but alien.
This one is five stars and will get a second read off me in the future and for sure I’ll be purchasing the rest of the trilogy.

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